Pain can ban your Routine go with the Zodd and remove the ban

ZODD Ayurvedic Massage Oil is an herbal based formulation in which 8 different Ayurvedic herbs have been utilized to develop an exclusive pain relief brand in pain segment.ZODD Ayurvedic Massage oil is one of the best solutions for various pain associated with muscles,legs,back,neck,joints and shoulders.ZODD Ayurvedic Massage Oil is the blend of ancient knowledge of Ayurveda with modern facilities.The combination of various herbs in formulation provide rich source of healing compounds which has tendencies to relieve from pain even in chronic condiions.These active ingredients help in stimulation of blood circulation,stiff muscles and limbs,body ache,muscular pains,severe joint pain or swelling,joint aches and pains.ZODD Ayurvedic Massage Oil does not cause any side effect and adversity.ZODD Ayurvedic Massage Oil has good spread ability with quick absorption over the affected area.ZODD Ayurvedic Massage oil is a natural way to benefits in various pain conditions with long lasting effects.

Pkg Size : 100ml
Ingredients:Gandhpura Oil,Terpine oil,Nilgiri oil,Capsicum,Natmeg oil,clove oil,Cinnamum oil,Castor oil kappor,Satpuda,Thimol.


ZODD Ayurvedic capsules have been formulated by using time tested Ayurvedic herbs to help in pain management.ZODD Ayurvedic Capsules are one of the best Ayurvedic pain relief medicines in which herbal extract of 8types of different Ayurvedic herbs have been used.These herbs possess anti-inflammatory activities and benefits in back pain,knee pain and joint pain.The herbal extract of each of these herbs provides active ingredients that correct the disturbed metabolism and increase the metabolic rate which benefits in less accumulation of toxic substances in the colon and inflammatory molecules.The use of ZODDA Ayurvedic capsules also helps in increasing the blood flow across affected area to rejuvenate the joints,muscles and bones.

Pkg Size : 10X3
Ingredients:Mahayograj Guggul,Salaki,Ashwagandha,South Ajwain,Chopchini,Ajmodadi Churma.